The new RBS station

The existing RBS station in Bern was opened in 1965. Originally designed for around 16,000 passengers a day, it is now used by up to 60,000 people every day. The capacity of the new RBS station will be sufficient for current needs as well as the forecast development in demand.

The new RBS station will have four tracks and will be located beneath platforms 2 to 7 of the SBB station. The current RBS station will no longer be used for railway operations.

What Bern’s new RBS station will look like

The new RBS station will have four tracks and will be built underneath the existing SBB station. It will consist of two large underground halls, each with two tracks and a 12-metre-wide central platform.

There will be escalators and lifts from platform level to the RBS concourse. From there, passengers can reach the platforms for long-distance and S-Bahn services or exit into the city.

Trains will pass through a new two-track tunnel in the RBS station, coming in at just under one kilometre long. This new tunnel will branch off from the existing RBS Schanze tunnel and will mainly run beneath road and railway areas.

Why Bern needs a new RBS station

  • The current RBS station is over capacity, having reached its limits after the timetable overhaul in 2014. Since then, RBS has not been able to make its timetable any denser or use longer trains.
  • The platforms in the current RBS station are too short and narrow. A high density of passengers leads to overcrowding and long waiting times during peak hours. This could pose a safety risk.
  • Forecasts suggest that demand in the public transport sector will grow by 50 percent by 2030.
  • The road network in the north and east of Bern is overloaded and is reaching its limits. Building a new RBS station in Bern will help to solve the traffic problems in the greater Bern area – not just on the railways, but on the roads too.

How much the new RBS station in Bern costs

The investment costs for the new RBS station in Bern come to around 614 million Swiss francs. As with all railway infrastructure, these costs will be covered by the federal government and the cantons involved.

How the new RBS station in Bern is being built

Construction on the new RBS station began in the first half of 2017. The station will be opened in 2025. You can find detailed information on the German website.