The Bern station of the future

Expansion work is now being planned for Bern station so that it can continue to fulfil its functions and serve as a transport hub in future. Bern railway station is the second largest in Switzerland and it plays a key role in domestic and foreign railway traffic. It is starting to reach its limits in terms of operational and physical capacity.

The expansion of Bern station is being divided into two steps. Between now and 2027, SBB and RBS will be working on two large projects:

  • New RBS station: RBS is creating a new underground station with four tracks beneath the existing platforms 2 to 7 of the SBB station.
  • New underpass with new access points in the SBB station: SBB is building a second underground passage between the old station underpass and the Welle overpass. This will be called the “Mitte” underpass and will be accessible from Länggasse and Bubenbergplatz.

The City of Bern plans to reorganise the traffic arrangements around the station between now and 2025 in conjunction with the expansion work. This will help to transport the rapidly growing numbers of passengers to and from the station quickly and safely, as well as improving the infrastructure for tram and bus services as well as pedestrians and cyclists.