More room for commuters

In 2027, SBB will be opening an additional pedestrian underpass – the “Mitte” underpass – with two new station entrance points: the “Bubenberg” entrance at the Bubenberg Centre, and the “Länggasse” entrance. This will give commuters more space and shorten their journeys.

New “Mitte” underpass

The new “Mitte” underpass will enable passengers arriving from the Länggasse area or Hirschengraben to reach the SBB and RBS stations quickly without having to take any detours. The new underpass will also shorten routes around the station, thereby reducing congestion in the existing underpass, the “Welle” overpass and the station forecourt. A wide variety of new shops will add to the services on offer at the station.

Bubenberg entrance

Bern station is getting a second fully fledged main entrance in the form of a new access point from the Bubenberg Centre.

A more attractive Bern station

SBB is taking a variety of steps to make Bern station more attractive:

  • Higher platforms: To make it easier for passengers to get on and off trains, SBB is increasing the height of its platforms wherever the station’s curvature and existing structures permit.
  • More light: Opening up the south wall of the platform hall towards the Burgerspital building will allow more daylight into the station, creating a more pleasant environment for all passengers.