Obstacle-free planning and building

When it comes to creating obstacle-free spaces, architects and planners have a clear set of rules to follow. In addition, the law states that all public transport must be freely accessible to people with disabilities by the end of 2023.

The “Future Bern Station” project will be designed to be barrier-free wherever possible, in line with these requirements. This will be good news to the elderly, parents with pushchairs and passengers with suitcases too.

As the building contractors for the “Future Bern Station” project, SBB, RBS and the City of Bern are working closely with disability organisations and the specialist institutions for obstacle-free building. Their needs and suggestions will be incorporated into the signage and information concepts during the construction phase, as it goes without saying that we should give special consideration to people with limited mobility.

For further information on barrier-free access during the construction work, you can call +41 (0)79 850 08 95.